Eve Ibarra Yoga Teacher Trainer for Urban Bliss Yoga

Eve Ibarra

Evelyn Ibarra is a RYT 500-hour level yoga teacher certified by Elizabeth Hoffmann of Urban Bliss School of Yoga. She teaches Vinyasa, Yin yoga and Restorative yoga. Also being certified in Kids yoga.
She says yoga found her, practicing on and off for about ten years, she never thought she could do the training much less become an instructor, “ yoga helped me discover myself, it helped me see my potential, thoughts, feelings and behaviors, to not only become a better teacher but a better human ”.
Evelyn worked with dogs and owners in behavior before becoming a teacher and to her surprise, energy and body language applies across all living beings on Earth teaching her that we all really are one. Continuing to expand, learn and grow are her goals. Learning from students, animals and life to keep moving forward.

Sheila Sager - Urban Bliss Yoga Teacher Trainer

Sheila Sager

Sheila Sager began her Bikram Yoga practice, June 2009, to rehabilitate her knee after having surgery. She used Bikram Yoga as a tool to restore full range of motion to her knee and noticed the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of the practice right away. She has always known deep in her heart that her…

Lori Gross Yoga Teacher Trainer

Lori Gross Yoga Teacher Trainer

Lori’s academic background includes an AA in Liberal Arts, a BS in Public Relations, an AS in Physical Therapist Assistant, a National Athletic Trainers’ Association Certification in Athletic Training, a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certification in Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training, and a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500. She is licensed in Florida as…

Brittany Urbansky

Brittany Urbansky

Brittany is a Medical Reiki Master and Holistic Herbalist who specializes in Energy medicine and Yoga science. She is 500hr E-RYT experienced, certified yoga teacher. Brittany began her journey in a Bikram yoga studio in Cleveland, Ohio in 2008. In 2012 she moved to Charlotte and shortly after took her first yoga teacher training program…

Liz Nepomuceno Urban Bliss Yoga Teacher Trainer

Liz Nepomuceno

Liz Nepomuceno is an E-RYT 500-hour level yoga instructor certified under Elizabeth Hoffmann of Urban Bliss School of Yoga in Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Restorative yoga. Also certified in Kids yoga, Crystal Bowl Meditation, and other variety of healing modalities. She first discovered yoga in 2011 while in search of a healthy and spiritual lifestyle. Ever…

Reyna Aday Yoga Teacher Trainer for Urban Bliss Yoga

Reyna Aday

REYNA ADAY, MS, CTTS, RYT-200 Reyna Aday has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Therapy. She specializes in Stress Management, Relaxation Techniques and Tobacco Treatment. Reyna believes in using a holistic approach in order to treat the mind, body and spirit. She has created and executed wellness seminars for…

Urban Bliss Yoga Teacher Teresita Tamaharini

Teresita Tamaharini Vancio

Teresita’s father sparked her interest in the flow of movement and breath as a swimmer at a very early age of her life. As she grew, she opened her soul to the importance of developing positive, strong and healthy Energy in every aspect of her life. Coming from a Medical Background as a Biochemist, with…

Delvys Cardenas Yoga Teacher Trainer for Urban Bliss Yoga

Delvys Cardenas

Delvys Cardenas is a young Zen philosopher, writer, & poet best known as an interpreter of spiritual philosophies & eastern mysticism. Born in Miami Florida, Delvys has been exploring meditation, science & studying non-dualistic philosophy & literature since childhood. Exploring Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, Religious naturalism, Taoism, Quantum Physics, Biology and many other philosophies & sciences,…

Pauline Peralta Yoga Teacher Training for Urban Bliss Yoga

Pauline Peralta

Pauline Peralta became a certified yoga instructor under Elizabeth Hoffmann, Director of Urban Bliss School of Yoga. The ancient art & science of yoga completely changed her life allowing her to turn inward. Pauline has since taught several hundred studio and private yoga classes while gaining insight, in-depth knowledge & experience with anatomy, physiology and kinesiology.…